• James Parton

Creating A Movement & Anointing A Hero

I have been intentionally off the speaker circuit since moving on from Twilio.

I felt completely burnt out, but recently I got a call from Joe Glover the organiser of the popular Cambridge Marketing Meet Up, and the timing felt right to get back into the saddle.

Going in I suspected most people in Cambridge were unaware of my work at Twilio and other places, so it sounded fun to share some thoughts on Marketing, outside of The Bradfield Centre context for the first time in a while.

The title of the talk is Creating A Movement and Appointing A Hero.

The talk includes some of the high level concepts I used and / or developed at O2, Telefonica and Twilio, having launched and run three software developer programs over the past decade or so. It is more of a flash talk at ~20 minutes so none of the topics go deep, but hopefully it represents food for thought and a platform for questions and further discussion. 

Apologies if its terrible, I’m a little rusty!

Hoxton Mix
86-90 Paul Street


The Bradfield Centre

184 Cambridge Science Park




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